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How to Boost Your Immune System with Natural Solutions

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Today’s topic is immunity, and how to prevent sickness.

It's so much easier to prevent an illness than to try and remove the dis-ease. 99% of our clients come to us with an ailment either in their physical body or their central nervous system. And we work with them to build healthy habits in order to prevent them from getting sick.

Oftentimes, modern medicine is a Band-Aid for our symptoms. Instead of using products and medicines, made of chemicals that wipe out the good bacteria and weaken the immune system, we want to educate you on ways you can strengthen your immune system as a means of preventing dis-ease. Prevention is strengthening ourselves so that we can handle whatever comes at us.


The first thing we want to address is nutrition. So much of your immune system sits in your digestive track. There’s a direct correlation between immunity and digestion, and when you treat your digestive tract properly, your immunity will instantly boost.

We have three favorite foods for immunity, the first one being figs. Figs help with digestion.

Our second favorite food for building immunity is melons, specifically watermelon. Max LOVES watermelon! Melons are easy to digest and help to flush out toxins.

Toxins can be a myriad of things--car exhaust, job-related chemicals, or even just a toxic hand soap. Melons really help push things through our system and are easy to digest.

The final food we love for immunity building is broccoli. It has all of the trace minerals you need to really start building a strong, healthy immune system.


When we started using essential oils, that's when we really stopped getting sick. We also use them to deal with anxious feelings. We use them to help with our moving practice and our breathing practice, and we also use them to help us sleep.

At one point, Max got super sick. He was refusing antibiotics and didn’t really know enough about essential oils to make an informed decision about using them. Then, I made Max an “Immunity Bomb” and he actually got better! And that was a turning point for Max – that was the last time he ever got sick!

So, what’s an Immunity Bomb you ask! The Immunity Bomb is also known as the FLOOM bomb. It stands for frankincense, lemon, oregano, OnGuard and melaleuca, better known as tea tree oil.

Disclaimer here: we only recommend using the doTERRA brand of oils. They’re super safe, super pure and potent…and we trust the company.

We take a lot of our essential oils in veggie caps (vegetable capsules) because a lot of the oils are strong enough to destroy your esophagus, like oregano, OnGuard and melaluca. Please be very aware of what you can take internally.

We’re available for a consult on essential oils and would love to help educate you on oils.

So, back to the Immunity Bomb / the FLOOM bomb: frankincense, which is really the king of all oils, is an enhancer, it makes other oils stronger. Frankincense is the driving force. Lemon is great for detoxification. The melaleuca really helps to break down the biofilm. And the oregano, as some people may already know, is like the atom bomb of strength--great antiviral, antibacterial properties.

And then finally we have the OnGuard blend, a mixture of a few different oils. OnGuard helps us when we’re trying to maintain a strong barrier again dis-ease and sickness, keeping things like bacteria and viruses from entering our body, and increasing our immune system. OnGuard is called the protection blend. It’s like magic! It basically defends your body against microbes.

Essential oils are good at penetrating cell membranes. They’re super effective against viruses. You don't see a lot of medications that really fight viruses because synthetic medications aren't able to penetrate our cell membranes.

Another essential oil that we like to use for an immunity boost is DDR Prime. DDR stands for Damage, DNA, Repair. This is really effective in terms of cellular health and regeneration. When we’re infected with a virus, our DNA replicates. Viruses take over our cellular processes. When using DDR Prime, we’re protected from this. DDR Prime is available in a soft gel pill or the essential oil form. We use the essential oil and put it in the veggie caps.

And lastly from doTERRA, we take Lifelong Vitality supplements. They’re great for getting all of our vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega-3s and carotenoids. That was a huge game changer for us. We just don’t get sick because we practice a daily routine and continue to give our body everything it needs to fight off sickness.

For babies and children, their skin is more sensitive than adult skin. It’s safe for babies and children to use essential oils as long as the oils are diluted with a carrier oil, like fractionated coconut oil. You can rub it on their spine and bottoms of their feet. The skin absorbs everything you put on it.

So, these are some of the things we practice daily to build our immunity.

We hope you all stay healthy with these prevention tips and do let us know your favorite tips. We love learning new things too! Until next time.

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