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Breathwork with Max


Deep Healing Breathwork

Deep healing breathwork is a natural and powerful healer for the deeper causes of pain, stress, anxiety, and grief used to experience greater clarity, connection, intuition, and vitality. It can take you beyond traditional therapies to address root causes without (in most cases) having to verbalize or know what is happening. 

For this reason, breathwork helps us live a better, more ease and love-filled life. As we learn how to alchemize different emotions, we can be more present in the moment and keep our past from coloring our future. We begin to recognize what THE most important thing is and opportunity opens in front of us - greater than we could have ever though possible.

While traditional therapies can sometimes feed our stories, traumas, and thought patterns, through our work with the alchemic breath we begin to release the traumas and subconscious conditionings below the surface of the mind so we can not only choose how we feel in any given moment, but we can redirect our life as we want. We can finally stop living and attracting the same circumstances from our childhood and live a new life of purpose and connection with ourself and others. 

Suddenly, everything became dark, like I was in a tunnel except for a light within the distance. And there, a stretch away, stood a small, scared, sad girl.... I walked towards her and saw this it was me, a younger me. As we stood side-by-side, a third figure came beside us. This form wasn't solid, and I couldn't make out the face, only pure energy...

My past and present self held hands, as we were both scared by this newcomer... but ?I new that she was me. She spoke, said "it's okay", as she extended her hand. Allowing us the chance to take hold, we accepted, clasping hands as a unit. I then asked her, "who are you?" And she said "whoever you want to be", just as we were instructed to consciously return to our bodies."

"Max guided me through my first formal breath work session a few weeks ago. Even through zoom, the experience took me through an inner journey from sadness, to joy, to hope. The powerful energizing breath technique was hard work - 40 minutes in, I almost stopped – and I’m glad to have persevered because just towards the end I had the most powerful spontaneous insight - an image – that answered a question I’ve been living with for a long time. I have carried that vision with me as a guiding principle since. And Max has inspired me to commit to this training."


"Thank you for today! I have to say I think that was one of the more powerful experiences of my life. Having been in other healing type situations it has always been a more passive experience where I felt a huge shift but wasn’t an active participant, relying on another’s gifts to heal me. Today you shared your gift and with your guidance I was able to participate actively and heal myself. 🤯 From the very beginning I could feel all of my chakras opening and the energy spinning and coursing through my body. As the session went on I felt energized, cold, electric. I felt like I was in a dream state or I was transported to another dimension. It’s still unclear if I fell asleep or not. Lately my dreams have felt similar to this. There has been a blur between dream and real life. After the experience I felt calm, lighter, relaxed, and free. I sensed an opening.


Private Sessions

Private sessions are how Max does most of his work, and are available to anyone who wants deeper levels of healing and wakefulness, or wants to begin walking the path. Increase recovery, immunity, intuition, and creativity while stepping into your unlimited potential by removing the layers of anxiety, trauma, and reactivity that aren’t the real you.  

The breath has its own agenda, and anything can happen. Some people have energy that is ready to move, and some need a lot of physical healing. It usually helps people either wake up or wake up more quickly, move kundalini, connect with source/spirit/god and make a lasting change on our emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies. 

You will also leave with homework so you can keep working even after session.

Every experience for each person is different each time and it’s always exactly what you need (only and always), not what you THINK you need. Every time is a deeper dive into the healing work, which gets more fruitful the more we practice.

We learn, over time and with practice, that we can choose how we feel and that love/happiness are akin to muscles we can work.

Come learn to get behind the mind to what really matters in life, past the limited ideas of money, cars, power, people, thoughts, and emotions. After healing the physical body and removing "negative" states of consciousness (such as stress) we are left with the truth. What is the most important thing? Are we attending to it right now?

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"Before starting the breath workshop (and lately) my mind was uncontrollable, the waves of my thoughts were great swells that have been drowning me in anxiety and stress, going through this every day. Lately I began to practice meditation and with the breath workshop I have been experiencing a huge change, during the workshop I was literally seeing the light, finally after so many months of internal struggle my mind was calmer and I could express and start to be myself again.


I had such a great experience at the breath work class. Truly a life changing experience. As someone who doesn’t do yoga, no breathwork, and not nearly as much meditation as I should, your class opened my eyes to a new world of self-awareness. I had such a powerful experience, it’s hard to put into words. It was full of anger and rage but not in a negative or hateful way. It was a power within myself I think I’ve blocked myself off from. I was completely out of control in my body for the first time in my life and I embraced it and walked through it. I’m going to keep practicing and meditating more to continue to grow. Thank you so much for guiding me through the course and helping me elevate. 🙏🏻"


""That was wild. The smells, the sounds, the entire sensory experience expanded! I felt a crazy release move from my chest/heart down to my stomach and pelvis. My arms and mouth had a crazy tingling sensation. After the intensive breathing I felt pure bliss, a state that I had not experienced in some time. Pure comfort and I did not want to let go of it. I eventually became neutral with that feeling and accepting the fact that I can let it go. I felt love. I felt forgiveness. I felt safe. I then drifted into what I don’t know and still can’t fully comprehend. When Max spoke and brought me back to earth, back to my body, I instantly felt lighter, so much lighter. I released something, perhaps multiple things. This life, past life, I’m not sure but a load I was carrying was definitely released. I then felt a feeling that I have been feeling a lot as of late. Gratitude. Gratitude but with much more clarity. It was an amazing experience and will continue to practice on my own. I highly suggest anyone who is open and ready to heal to try this breathwork with Max. Thank you brother!"


I just wanted to say thank you again for today’s class. I am so so grateful to been there today and I know destiny, God, my ancestors, whoever.. brought me there today because they knew I needed this more than I’ve ever needed anything. I wish I could sum up into proper words what that meant to me but there really are no words. I have never felt anything like it. At first, I felt my whole body vibrating to the point where I felt completely out of control. All my mind could focus on was wanting to calm my body down but it felt impossible in that moment. And then suddenly like a light switch, my entire body went limp and just a residual buzz in my fingertips and toes remained. I was completely out of my body. I don’t know where I went.


The only thing I know is that it did not feel like I was asleep because I could still feel my toes and fingertips vibrating. I couldn’t even tell if I was breathing. I was just there. And once it was over and you asked all of us to roll onto our right side, all I could feel was peace and happiness. I felt more relaxed than I had in years. It was such an amazing release. I truly feel that I was changed today. To my core. From the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul, thank you thank you thank you. I hope I can one day have this experience again with you. Truly so life changing and magical. ♥️🙏🏼🥰✨🌚


Where to find Max? 

Check back for updates on where to find Max's next in person classes and workshops. You can also schedule a private session on zoom or in person. Check @healingmotions on instagram for his most up to date location for in person private sessions.

You can also email for more information or to confirm a session.

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