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21 Day Sculpt Challenge

I just completed How to Practice Yoga's first challenge - the 21 Day Sculpt Challenge with instructors Missy, Kate, and Hiro - and loved it!!

For three weeks you'll alternate between YogaSculpt with Missy Fresques, HIIT Yoga with Kate Alvarado, and Vinyasa Flow with Hiro Landazuri. These 30-minute classes will work your entire body, challenge your edge and endurance, and (more importantly) let you find that deep motivation within yourself that can sometimes get lost in the chaos of the day. You'll feel strong. You'll feel bold. And you'll be ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

Classes range from full body, to legs/booty, to abs & arms, to mobility, to recovery, to strong flows... you'll get a full body workout with everything in between!

Max & I created How to Practice Yoga to provide easy access for people to find yoga and enjoy the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits that it provides. What some of our subscribers are saying about the sculpt challenge:

"My favorite part of the challenge was the instructors! It was also so fun to have a timed challenge that motivated me to get on my mat. I haven't had a consistent practice since quarantine and this challenge got me out of a rut. Thanks again for everything!"

"I'm fairly new to yoga and it's been so nice to get both fast/slower paced workouts! I loved the variety and I can't tell you how many friends mentioned they wanted to do the challenge! I loved all of the instructors and their energy was just electric. I'm huge on energy and I could just tell they really cared about their classes."

"So enjoyed being part of the challenge. Love it all! I think the best part was doing things I wouldn't' normally do in my practice. Loved the sculpt and Hiit. Definitely a challenge most days! Also loved practicing with Hiro again. Found his practices complimented the others perfectly."

Now that I'm done with the challenge... I've been doubling up some classes (depending how I feel that day) with friends, family members, and getting them stoked to work out with me!

Who's ready to jump into this?

21 days, grab your mat, optional weights, and a smile ;)

First class is free for all, then it's a FREE 7-day trial - get started today!

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