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Cleansing Updates

Can't believe it's the middle of September already!! Lots of y'all are asking so here's an update on our cleanse!

We're currently on an 18-day cleanse (2 rounds of Medical Medium’s Advanced 3:6:9 cleanse) and a detailed review of our journey will be coming soon after the cleanse!

Previous Cleanse This Year

We started 2020 with a 30 cleanse & detox using Doterra oils/supplements. I cut out coffee and kombucha (and wasn't drinking wine at that time) - my three favorite drinks, but still had a daily cup or two of matcha. Max pretty much had his usual diet, but we supplemented with detoxifying oils + supplements for 30 days. Lots of stuff came up during that time, and we dealt with them appropriately. I remember feeling like I couldn't wait for the 30 days to be over so I could start my daily oat milk latte/kombucha again 😂

After our January cleanse, we felt AMAZING. Super refreshed, recharged, detoxed... and then the pandemic hit (more on this this below).

Current Cleanse

This time, we’re eating all raw fruits/veggies with no added fats/sugars/protein/salt!

I’m not drinking any oat milk lattes (my favorite) or kombucha (also my favorite) or adding any form of salt in any of my meals (my favorite to use is black lava salt from the Big Island because it has a slight sulfur taste and adds color to all the dishes I throw it in). BUT - I’ve started LOVING smoothies again. 2 huge smoothies a day and a big salad at night. Unlimited apples. Medjool dates and chaga tea with raw honey for dessert. Decadent.

And while old emotions and toxins are coming up and releasing out of my body, I’ve been enjoying this journey. There’s always something to let go of, especially because I spent the better party of my early 20’s partying like my life depended on it. And still continuing that long afterwards in the form of a glass (or three) of wine a night, up until a couple of weeks before we started the cleanse.

Wine, Comfort Foods, Weight Gain

There was a period of time in 2019 and early 2020 when I cut out all alcohol for over 6 months total (after each of our three sacred tattoo ceremony, we weren't supposed to take any drugs or alcohol for 66 days afterward).

I started having wine again late April this year during quarantine. And with that, I started eating avocado toast, bagel with vegan cream cheese, vegan pizza, vegan burgers… basically finding comfort in making delicious vegan feasts for us, while we stayed home/did work/walked Waffles every day. I started eating gluten again and didn’t have any major reactions (even though I did feel a little slow and sluggish afterward). I couldn’t eat gluten or soy for YEARS without breaking out in eczema on my hands or my throat closing up before I started taking Doterra’s LLV supplements along with Terrazymes (digestive enzymes) and PB assist (pre/probiotic). I DID however gain around 8 pounds from January to August 2020, averaging a pound a month 🤣 I'd like to think *some* of that was muscle, since I started working out again with YogaSculpt classes on How to Practice Yoga, our startup yoga platform.

I hardly ate any fruits at all. My diet was: iced oat milk latte + kombucha in the morning, avocado toast with black sea salt or everything bagel with vegan cream cheese, afternoon snack of carrots and hummus or more coffee/kombucha, dinner of a veggie + vegan chicken nuggets or tofu and noodles or vegan burgers, or something delicious + 1-2 glasses of wine + decaf oat milk latte for dessert. Optional vegan dessert. Everything was DELICIOUS and I was always liberal with the oil/vegan butter + salt. My face was constantly breaking out!

Turning Point

The turning point was going to Gainesville for Max’s grandpa’s funeral right after my best friends came to visit (we drank heavily every night for 4 nights and was always hung over the next day - I literally felt my liver trying to process all of the poison and silently cry). We stayed at my father in law’s house for over a week, and while I was there, I ate SO much processed foods, drank 2-3 servings of coffee a day, and always had multiple glasses of wine with dinner.

We came back and I felt my liver overwork. Sluggish. Brain fog. No amount of essentials oils or supplements really helped. Then Max started reading Cleanse to Heal by Medical Medium (we found him over 3 years ago and followed his protocol years ago, felt tremendously better, but as life goes, we slipped) and asked if I wanted to do the cleanse with him. Of course, I said yes. I knew I was going to give up my favorite drinks again, but felt that I didn't have to be attached to certain luxuries. I also started subbing my avocado toast/cream cheese bagel for a fruit smoothie. Even though we still ate the lavish dinners, I stopped drinking wine (yet again 😂).

In the Process

Now, on Day 13 out of 18 of the cleanse, I’m feeling SO much lighter (after a period of heavy detoxing) - but more about that in more detail later after the cleanse! Down 6 pounds and surviving without my daily coffee or kombucha. Finding delicious subs for coffee like chaga tea and chicory tea! After the cleanse, I’m making an effort sub out coffee and kombucha, as hard as that may have seemed to my pre-cleanse self. Reading about how damaging coffee/caffeine is to the adrenals (something that I knew previously but never wanted to admit) and how dehydrating vinegar is to the body made me realize that I needed to give my body a break and a chance to truly heal with whole, unprocessed foods.

The raw dinners have been incredible! Even though Max and I started craving cooked foods (we're sending each other delicious vegan recipes we want to try after the cleanse), we both feel SO clear. 6 more days left. Happy to be on this journey.

Here’s a list of healing support if you’re curious about going on a cleanse!

Healing foods:

Apples - anti-inflammatory, detoxifying

Wild blueberries - heavy metal detoxifier, brain food

Bananas - anti-microbial, "brain food," help build strong muscles and strengthen the nervous system

Cilantro - heavy metal detoxifier

Dulse - high in iron and iodine, heavy metal detoxifier and salty to the taste

Healing beverages:

Lemon water - detoxifying

Celery juice - cleansing, detoxifying

Hibiscus tea - high in antioxidants, live support

Chaga tea - top anti-cancer/anti-tumor foods, highest level of superoxide dismutase in the world, an enzyme that promotes the breakdown of free radicals

Healing practices:




Setting boundaries

Allowing yourself to rest

Essential oils/plant medicine:

Purify - cleansing blend

Rose - highest vibration oil

Adaptiv - in the diffuser almost every night

Melissa - oil of light

**Note: we only use and recommend Doterra essential oils because they're the safest, purest, and most trusted! Most essential oils contain only 10% actual oil even if they're label "100% pure therapeutic." Get your high-vibe oils HERE**

What's Next?

Will update on all the specifics of this cleanse and our thoughts after it's done! In the meantime, I have some blog content planned:

  • Beginner yoga - where to start

  • Why Doterra?

  • Doterra convention kit unboxing

  • Steps to instantly lift your vibration

  • How to protect your energy

  • Our vegan journeys

  • How we met (all the parts from our IG combined... plus the last part not yet published!)

Let us know what you want to see for the future!

Much Love and Light, Max and Liz

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