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How Natural Healing Changed Our Journey

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

In case you haven't already noticed, we're Heal with Max and Liz now instead of Max and Liz Acro, which we were for the past five years. We still love Acroyoga and all the lessons it's taught us both in our emotional bodies, relationship-wise, communication, but also the physicality and the spirituality. We love all of that still, however, in wanting to bring more value to this platform, and instead of just being entertainment, we wanted it to be something that everyone could apply to their lives.

We found so much healing in our own bodies with natural solutions through our individual journeys as well as together. We want to share everything with you that we've learned and have a platform for growth and healing for everyone.


After Max had been on the couch with painkillers for years with a back injury, he found natural healing. This shift came about as Max went through a very life changing injury, slowly healing himself from that and wanting others to find the same thing, knowing that you don't have to struggle with the physical body in the way that everyone does...

We believe the body can heal itself through anything from positive thoughts to affirmations to using just natural things the earth provides for us.

Liz had terrible digestive problems for over a decade and found relief very minimally throughout the years. It wasn't just digestive issues. It was hormone imbalance, it was hair loss, and it was eczema. All of it.

With everything being connected, Liz started thinking about how she could heal her body. It wasn't until this past year that both have fully revitalized healing in their bodies.

This is challenging because modern medicine is really pushing towards this removal of a symptomology approach. (Doctors are amazing, by the way. This is not meant to be a dig on doctors at all.)

But, for example, with Max’s back injury, he was put on pain meds indefinitely. And while Max did that for a while, it did not fix the underlying problem. Liz, however, was much smarter. Her doctor prescribed her birth control for her hormone imbalance and she threw it in the trash immediately, deciding to take the natural approach.


We really want to disseminate this knowledge and show other people that this is possible through movement, through the breath, through meditation. We want to share our passions here on this platform with all the things that we learned through the journey together. And, show you guys a state of ease and flow instead of a state of dis-ease, which we found we were in. And a lot of people are in similar situations, feeling uninspired, sadness, lethargic, unmotivated, and things like that.

It just goes on and on in a loop, and we want to get out of this loop and really take back and empower ourselves in our health and start the healing process.

Society benefits from us being sick, and it is society that benefits from us being lethargic...getting home from work and being dead tired and sitting down and just watching Netflix for six hours.

All these things that society benefits from, it's really challenging to wade through what is helpful and what is mind control, to a certain extent.

So, we really want to help shed some light on our specific journeys, what has helped us, and what's helping the people that we're working with right now.

Aligning ourselves and breaking away from these patterns that we've created, and connecting our mind, body and spirit to really flow with ease and break away from dis-ease.


You are a compilation of the top five people that you hang out with. If that's society talking in your ear, or if everyone around you is having unhealthy practices, we hope that you can hang out with us for a little while and we can help to remove those social barriers that tell you this is not cool.

Meditation is cool.

Mindfulness is cool.

Plants are cool. Plants are really cool!

We're super excited to hang out with you guys and connect even more now that we have this to share with you. When we started our platform back in 2014, we were basically just documenting our Acroyoga journey together, taking photos, writing about our relationship, our communication, and our everyday lives, our musings.

So, we’re moving away from simply sharing yoga poses, our relationship, and amazing places we’ve traveled to. We want to provide content that brings value and actionable steps, not just entertainment. We took a year off to realign because we want to help people in a deep, meaningful and profound way that promotes lasting change so you too can experience life in the way we do.

A lot of times there's a lot of comparison that happens on social media, and people say social media is toxic. The truth is, it's our mind-state.

Our plan is to provide simple action steps that you use to move in whatever direction it is you want to move in.

Whether it is:

• Emotional health

• Stress at work

• Anxiety in a relationship

• Physical health

• Spiritually connecting to a higher source, higher purpose, or to the earth.

Whatever it is, we want to help you achieve that.


For those of you who are new, here is a little bit about our journey –

We met almost seven years ago. Max was a yoga instructor and Liz was a registered dietician. Then we switched roles.

Max decided to get his Master’s in Clinical Nutrition, which is a coordinated program with Registered Dietician. And Liz went into her 200-hour yoga teacher training.

We then took our Acroyoga teacher training together and really got involved with that.

When Max graduated from grad school back in 2015, Liz quit her job and they started traveling. We didn’t know what we were going to do, but we knew this was our calling and our passion.

And we went for it!

We also didn't have enough money to pay rent! So we let go of the lease on our apartment, and we lived out of our car and with the others who would generously take us in when we were teaching and traveling, which was pretty much every week being in almost a different city!

While it was super fun, and we learned a lot, it was very hard on our physical and emotional bodies. So, in the last two years we have cut back on our traveling to only twice a month and got an apartment in Dallas with over a hundred plants all around us.

However, we are moving again. By the time you read this we will be in Miami Beach with Max's family near the ocean.

During this time, we also got our dog, Waffles, who is just over a year old, and he's literally a direct reflection of love, and brings so much love and joy in our lives.

Oh! And we got married, of course! We got super married!

We also did our functional range conditioning (FRC) certification. We did lots of breathwork training. We did meditation training.

So, through these years of practicing, learning, and growing together--first from the physical aspect of Acroyoca and really just turning inwards into what is our inner state--we believe that everything we have, all of the external things outside, is a direct reflection of our inner state.

And, so we want to really approach this as a whole-body system and not just putting the band-aids on certain symptoms that we feel.

Thank you all for being on this journey with us. Stay Positive.

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